Winter is almost over, Passito season has just begun

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So dear winter you are about to disappear, a new sunny and enjoyable season is coming. A season where while sitting on a patio on a Sunday afternoon after having hosted a bbq, it is now time to sit down and chill. Reading my last book, smoking a nice Cuban cigar and sipping my favourite meditational wine.



It feels very satisfying cutting through the wax and have my alcoholic milkshake, by mixing my Passito with some vanilla gelato or, by adding some hot coffee, watching it melting as my affogato comes to life.





If i only had guests, i could have added some cookies into it, and leave them speechless with my homemade alcoholic cheesecake,


DSC_0031A_1027 - Copia

My last sip watching the sunset looks like a final portrait of my dreams, and i go straight to to get some more of this bottled poetry.







Our latest events in London, Italian aperitif at the Green Truffle

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We are very proud to announce that our Nerulum and Passito can now be found every Friday evening from 6.30 at the Green Truffle Italian Deli situated by the Fire Brigade Station on Roman Road, 21 Roman Road
E2 0HU London, during their weekly Aperitif. Great atmosphere, great venue, great people, great food and great wines of course!




Here some pics of the past evenings














We strongly recommend this place with is superb selection of Italian food & drink that can also be bought online and through Uber Eats now

What service a producer can provide that a distributor can not?

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We carefully design and constantly update out range in order to refresh and rethink our project with an eye to the wine itself. We firmly believe nowadays both packaging and labelling need a thorough research. We also provide the possibility to customise and give the choice to our clients to design their own bottle, something a distributor simply can not.  This phenomenon is becoming extremely popular for weddings, corporate events, birthdays, events, and any ceremony/reception. Please contact us for more details.

Winter is almost over, tastings and events are on the way

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Our latest LinkedIn post


WIne Tasting For Immersus Emergo LTD By Harry Pseftoudis - 03.10.2013

WIne Tasting For Immersus Emergo LTD By Harry Pseftoudis - 03.10.2013

Very interesting article indeed for all wine lovers

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Italian Police Uncover Counterfeit Champagne Scheme

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Raid finds thousands of bottles of cheap bubbly labeled as Moët & Chandon; investigation is ongoing

How about that?

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In order to grow great wines you need to have a great environment, how about that?


First spell of snow of the year, but don’t worry our wines are safe and sound!

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download         Matera 18/01/2016



940923_890055421108571_8695152317242613734_n    Lagonegro same day


First release of Novello 2015

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Novello could be translated as “young wine”. It is a very light product in terms of tannins and abv. Grapes are not crushed but are fermented using whole grapes, allowing for only a minimum percentage of sugar to be converted into alcohol, ensuring the wine has a smooth, fruity flavor.


Ten good reasons to visit Basilicata, “Italy’s secret garden”

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