Winter is almost over, Passito season has just begun

So dear winter you are about to disappear, a new sunny and enjoyable season is coming. A season where while sitting on a patio on a Sunday afternoon after having hosted a bbq, it is now time to sit down and chill. Reading my last book, smoking a nice Cuban cigar and sipping my favourite meditational wine.



It feels very satisfying cutting through the wax and have my alcoholic milkshake, by mixing my Passito with some vanilla gelato or, by adding some hot coffee, watching it melting as my affogato comes to life.





If i only had guests, i could have added some cookies into it, and leave them speechless with my homemade alcoholic cheesecake,


DSC_0031A_1027 - Copia

My last sip watching the sunset looks like a final portrait of my dreams, and i go straight to to get some more of this bottled poetry.







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