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First release of Novello 2015

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Novello could be translated as “young wine”. It is a very light product in terms of tannins and abv. Grapes are not crushed but are fermented using whole grapes, allowing for only a minimum percentage of sugar to be converted into alcohol, ensuring the wine has a smooth, fruity flavor.


Ten good reasons to visit Basilicata, “Italy’s secret garden”

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Get some rest Domenico, you thoroughly deserve it. But not too much!!

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Harvest 2015 has been done. Another hard effort was put into by Domenico this year. Now wine needs to carefully monitored, by such experts as you Egidio and Emiliano it would not be an issue. Get some Novello and chesnuts! And get back to work as energetic as ever for the Christmas rush. Entrepreneurs do no get paid holidays!! Well done my dear friend.

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